The Most Valuable Information on a Website

I wish I had seen this article before sending out my newsletter this week because it really helps reiterate a point I made. That is: take a look at your website. Does it need a facelift?

The Most Valuable Information on a Website
(Reference: “The Consumer Needs Every Site Must Meet“)

Bar graph showing the most valuable information on a website

See that? Consumers are on your website looking for:

  • Pricing information
  • Your list of services
  • Contact information
  • Your address
  • Driving directions
  • Testimonials

I’ve brought all of these up at some point in previous blog posts or newsletters, but here they are, all together, right in front of you, don’t blow them off.

Let’s look at each of these areas more closely.

Pricing Information

For some businesses, it’s easy to put an exact price on something. A bar of homemade soap is $4.95. The cost of working with a certified personal trainer is $55/hour.

For some businesses or services, it might not be easy to give an exact price. So, at least give the customer something to start with, e.g., “starting with a basic package for $300” (describe what’s included in the basic package), or provide a “starting at” or a “not-to-exceed” cost. At the very least, can you offer a free quote? The more specific you can be, the better.

Your List of Services

This should be a piece of cake. Make it a complete list. You never know when something you do as a small job may lead to something bigger in the future from the same customer. You may be known for doing foundations and flatwork, but don’t forget to mention other services e.g., excavation, compaction, and engineering inspections.

And, when things change regarding your products and services, don’t forget to update your website. All those services are also potential keywords for searches.

Contact Information

Again, this seems like a no brainer. In a previous newsletter, I talked about providing your contact information as a way to also build trust. Make it easy for people to contact you. Don’t hide the contact information on some obscure webpage. Put it on every page. Phone, email, and possibly FAX should be the minimum methods of contact.

Your Address

Ok, so this is a judgment call. For some businesses, it absolutely makes sense to include your address so the customer can come by to shop, to see examples of your work, or to get a massage. For other businesses, the transactions can take place completely on-line, or you may want to establish a connection or get more information first from the potential customer. But, if you can, include your address.

Driving Directions

I for one appreciate sites that make it easy for me to see the location of their business on a map. Sure, I could type their address into MapQuest, but it’s so much easier to have the map and directions on their website. Most map applications like MapQuest, Google Maps, etc., make it relatively easy to embed the information in the web page.


The more specific you can get with testimonials, the more weight they carry with someone viewing your website and considering your products or services. A testimonial with the person’s full name, city, state, and picture creates the best impression. If they’re reluctant to go that far, just ask what they feel comfortable with…and don’t forget to THANK them. They don’t necessarily have to write anything down, but if they said something nice about you, your business, your employees, your services, or your products, ask if you can use their comments on your website.

Getting testimonials is so easily over-looked and yet they may have the most influence on a prospective buyer/customer of any of the information on your website.

That Was Easy

Six easy improvements to your website. Make sure your content is clear, straight-forward, easy to navigate, and salted with keywords. Get found. Get business. Be happy.

When you’re the customer, is there anything else that you look for on a business’s website? Leave your comments below.

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