Who’s Your Power Partner?

Do you have a “power partner”?

I’m not talking about your electric energy company. I’m not talking about some blue chip consulting service. I’m not talking about your weight-lifting buddy.

I’m not even talking about power networking, although a power partner has everything to do with networking, i.e., building business relationships.

personal weight trainingI know how I define a power partner, but I wanted to do some research to get the opinions, definitions, and thoughts from, you know, the people that preach this stuff.

I got some pseudo-definitions of “power networking” and a lot of groups with “power partner” in the name or definition of their networking group. But, there really wasn’t much information about power partners as I see them.

Here’s my definition of a power partner:

Someone who or a business that

  • Shares the same clients that you do
  • Calls on the same types of businesses that you do
  • Can help you build your business as you can help them build theirs

This is probably easiest to illustrate with some examples. Here are some business pairings. See if you can describe how they can help each other.

Potential Power Partners:

  • Realtor < — > Mortgage lender
  • Mary Kay Cosmetics rep < — > Silpada Jewelry rep
  • Cleaning service < — > Real estate agent
  • Massage therapist < — > Personal fitness trainer
  • Chiropractor < — > Massage therapist
  • Chiropractor < — > Homeopathic physician
  • Graphics designer < — > Web developer
  • Big web development house < — > Web developer, sole proprietor

Can you see the possibility of each of these pairings Massage therapysharing the same clients? Can you see how they can be an asset to each other?

The “power” part is this:

  1. You trust your PP
  2. You recommend them and they recommend you
  3. You may fill a void in their product line or services and vice versa
  4. You have someone who’s interested in reciprocation
  5. You get more referrals than if you were just acting on your own
  6. You may offer joint specials, giving you instant visibility with your PP’s clientele

Networking is developing long term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals. Power partners are the jewels in the crown, the icing on the cake, the cherries on the sundae.

So start thinking about others who sell to your clients. But don’t just approach them and say, “I’ll recommend you to my clients if you’ll recommend me to yours.” (Uh, duh!)

Get to know them. Is this someone you would want to refer your clients or customers to? Your customer’s experience reflects as much on you as on the person or company you referred them to.

Oh, by the way, you can have more than one power partner. Kudos to you if you do.

So, tell me about your power partner(s).


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