Ways to “Unmarket” Your Business

I shouldn’t be writing this. I’m supposed to be writing up a proposal that needs to go to a new client by the end of the day.

But, as I was eating my apple-slices-and-crunchy-natural-peanut-butter lunch and catching up on some reading, a statement in an article sparked a blog idea (2, actually). I just had to write it down before the thought escaped.

Leading Up to the Points I Want to Make

I loosely follow Scott Stratton of UnMarketing (www.unmarketing.com). His videos are informal, yet concise productions focusing on one or two points about using today’s web technologies for marketing your business. He also blogs, tweets, writes books, and speaks at many events. I think he’s actually a closet comedian.

I got an email alert today that he had posted a new YouTube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=medivP-VskM

The video is directed at realtors, but it contains information and advice that every business, large or small, should follow.

Main Point: Don’t Leave Your Customers Hanging

The bottom line is this: understand the technology well enough to use it appropriately.

QR-SSmobiScott uses several examples. One is the use of QR codes. You know, those funny-looking checkerboard-y squares that you see on restaurant menus, signs, and brochures, and in newspapers and magazines, as well as many other printed items. You use your mobile device, usually a smart phone, to scan in the picture and you’re presented with more information, e.g., a video, a phone number, a website, some text.

The problem is: if as the person wanting to utilize a QR code you don’t think through its purpose and end result, you might be presenting something unusable on that mobile device, such as a video that runs too long, access to a Flash site that doesn’t work on a mobile phone, or (the most likely faux pas) the desktop version of a website instead of a mobile-friendly version.  Don’t do it!

Another example Scott uses for leaving a customer hanging is printing the cute little icons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and all the rest on your marketing copy – and that’s it! No clues how to actually get to your social media accounts. Next to Facebook, add your url:Facebook icon www.facebook.com/sunstonesolutions

Twitter iconor include your Twitter handle: @sunstonewebdev

Finally, remember that social media is “social.” It’s supposed to be used to promote and nurture relationships. It’s an opportunity to interact with people you don’t (yet) know. Don’t use it like a billboard.

Use the technology but don’t look like a dope when you do.

Watch Scott’s video and “do it right.”


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