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Five Steps to Getting Started with a Blog

You’re a business owner. You know you need a blog (or want one), but with everything else on your plate, you also can’t have it take too much of your time. The universal cry for help of every new blogger: … Continue reading

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How to Prepare Images for Your Digital Communications

My favorite stand-alone, free photo-editing service is closing its doors April 19, 2012! Although I use Photoshop for most image creation and editing, I’ve been known to do some simple editing using Picnik (www.picnik.com). Picnik is … er … was … Continue reading

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I’ve Got Writer’s Block!

Although I try to post something at least once a week, writing in my blog is not the only thing I do. When it comes time to write a post, and though I’ve given it some thought throughout the week, … Continue reading

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Social Media for Your Business

In a previous blog post describing what you can do to improve your chances of the browser searches finding your website (Search Results – Where Am I !?! ), I made only brief mention of creating your own social account to … Continue reading

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If I’m Writing a Blog, Why Would I Want to Bother With Email Marketing?

I’d like to use a term you may or may not be familiar with: relationship management. If you were asked to provide a business definition for relationship management, I’m sure you could do it; it’s pretty much just as it … Continue reading

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You can have a blog about anything you want: personal or professional, business-related or just for the experience. However, I’m going to focus on a blog to complement your business website and be another way to promote your business. Some … Continue reading

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Blogs: Where Do They Fit In?

Remember the diagram I showed you in my previous post? Here it is again: As you can see, a blog typically has “meatier” content than Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, but not as in-depth as your website. And, the frequency at … Continue reading

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