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DIY vs. Professionally-designed Website

You need a new website. You’ve seen the T.V. commercials and the advertisements on various webpages: “Do It Yourself Web Design”, “Build Your Own Website.” You’re thinking: “I’m a small business and I need to keep my expenses down. I’m … Continue reading

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Analyze This!*

Do you have any idea how many visitors your website gets in a day, a week, or a month? Do you know how long, on average, visitors are on your site or what the bounce rate is? Do you know … Continue reading

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Pinterest – It’s All the Rage!

Pinterest has become not only the fastest growing social media platform, but the fastest growing website of all time. “In March the site registered 17.8 million users, according to Comscore, a 52% jump in just one month — and it … Continue reading

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Search Results – Where Am I !?!

A short time ago, a client asked me: “Can you explain briefly how this site can be found on search engines.  If I was to google “copper roof bird houses” and I had those exact words somewhere in my website, … Continue reading

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